Two Red Marys and a Yellow Rose

Roger Taylor is Eligible for AARP and I’m Hungry
26/04/2010, 20:15
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Roger Taylor of Duran Duran turned 50 today and I’m indulging in an obscene amount of grapefruit-tarragon sorbet.  I don’t know that these 2 facts are necessarily related, but tucking away and getting lost in music and food are two of my defining elements, so why not blog about them?

I’ve loved Duran Duran for as long as I can remember.  “Nick Rhodes” was the first string of letters I learned to scrawl in my third grade cursive lessons, which didn’t come a moment too soon.  Prior to this, I had revered the members of Duran Duran to such an extent that I dared not speak their names.

Fortunately I’ve spent the past 25 years collecting plenty of things to say about them.

Today the music continues.  Later this week I’m going to see Phoenix at Stubb’s here in Austin.  At their La Zona Rosa gig in December I was almost trampled by a mob of sobbing, hair-rending dudes throwing themselves into Laurent Brancowitz’s line of sight, so I’ve got to plan a strategy this time ’round.  Helmet and brass knuckles?  Or just give up and hide in the back with a martini?

Ach, decisions.

God bless you, Roger!  I’m hungry.


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