Two Red Marys and a Yellow Rose

On-Line Language Learning is a Deceitful Wench
29/04/2010, 10:23
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I am trying to relearn Russian in the hopes of improving my standing on the Foreign Service Consular Register. No doubt I’ll say more about that later, but for today I am compelled to issue the following warning: BERLITZ ON-LINE LANGUAGE LEARNING CLASSES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MACS. They do not tell you this until after you have given them ungodly painful amounts of money, at which time they say, “You DO have a PC, right?” Bloody hell, people, it’s not like it’s 1987 and I can’t understand why their videocassettes don’t work in my Betamax machine. People own Macs, Berlitz! Pbbbbbblitz on you.

Tonight is the Phoenix concert, so hopefully that will improve my mood…I just want to beseech you, aforementioned hair-rending, sobbing dudes, please be nice to me tonight.  Do not push me, step on my feet, bar the way back to my spot after I’ve left to go to the bathroom, or elbow me in the face in your attempts to get closer to the little Frenchmen on stage.  If you do, I will have no choice but to unleash the wrath of Wayne…


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