Two Red Marys and a Yellow Rose

Извините пожалуйста!
28/06/2010, 20:19
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I’m still here!  My life has been overtaken by the studying of the Russian and I’m lost somewhere in here:

I promise to emerge soon! My test is July 22.

My only indulgences while studying are wine (of course!), the occasional concert (Mumford & Sons are amazing!!) and the World Cup.  Die Mannschaft and Wayne’s German twin Mesut Oezil are gonna take it all!


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You are funny. Good luck on your test!

Comment by Ron

Did you use the Totale program? Was it useful enough to pass the FS language test? I am thinking of using it for French but I am a little skeptical. I have about 4 years of French but was wondering if it would bring me up to a level of speaking needed to pass. Please give me your insight!

Comment by Kari

Hi Kari,

I didn’t use the Totale program, but I can tell you about the programs I did use. I did a 2.5 hour Berlitz class twice a week for 6 weeks. I also did Rosetta Stone all 3 levels, and I met with a tutor for 1.5 hours once a week for about 6 months. I’d had 3.5 years of Russian 10 years ago, and this combo of studies did allow me to pass the FSI language test with a 2. I did a lot of self-study as well. Listening to Russian talk radio and reading Russian news online helped a great deal. I’d recommend against Berlitz if you are on a budget; it might be more cost-effective to take a French course at a local college, or join a MeetUp group. If you are taking the FSI test for purposes of becoming a Foreign Service Officer, I believe you’d need a 3 on French, but if your 4 years of French have been pretty recent, you should be in good shape with a little further study. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have, and let me know how the studies go!


Comment by mcermel

Getting a 3 for French is pretty daunting. I thought about trying another language but that is daunting as well. Thanks for outlining your study plan. I will look into a local class and Berlitz. I will let you know how it goes!

Comment by Kari

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