Two Red Marys and a Yellow Rose

About Mary

My name is Mary.  I love red.  My mom’s mom was Mary.  She loved Bloody Marys.   They are red.  My mom is Rose Mary, and she is the quintessential Texas Lady.  So for purposes of symmetry in the title of this blog, she is the Yellow Rose.

I have lived in Austin, Texas for 8 years and absolutely adore it.  It is a haven for 2 of my greatest loves – music and vegan food.  I have found, however, that both can be weirdly inaccessible in this town.  I haven’t been able to pursue either with the fervor that I’d like.  (ie – I have to have a day job. I wake up at 5:00 am to take a turn as an attorney for the State of Texas.)

So, I have decided to pursue my 3rd greatest love – travel.  If life unfolds as it I hope it will, I will soon be joining the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer.  (For those of you who are familiar with the process, I have passed all the tests, received all the clearances, and am sitting on the lengthy Consular Register, waiting to be called.)  That will entail moving to DC for a bit, then living allovertheplace.  I’m looking at it as an excellent opportunity to get lost in the music wherever I am at any given moment, and, well, to have a difficult damn time maintaining a vegan diet in some locales.  Something to write about, eh?

And by the way, my 4th greatest love is rain.  Family & pets, friends?  They transcend any of this ranking silliness.


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Mary – you write wonderfully! Very engaging – keep going!

Comment by RJ

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