Two Red Marys and a Yellow Rose

Raise Those (Devil) Horns High
16/05/2010, 19:00
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Ronnie James Dio passed away today.  He was 67 and had been fighting stomach cancer.  If I remembered how to insert links, I’d link to Eddie Trunk’s beautiful tribute to him. Yeah…

But today, no. I’m just a fan wanting to say that I love and appreciate all of his work – Rainbow (before Ritchie Blackmore went insane and recasted his life as one big old Ren Fest), Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven and Hell. Thanks for the wail and the horns, Mr. Dio!

And Rob Halford, you can’t go anywhere for a very very long time!


Why a Vegan Diet?
09/05/2010, 16:01
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I mentioned my dog in a post last week, but he really needs a proper introduction.  (Why not today, eh?  It is Mother’s Day, and this is the closest I’m going to get for a veeery long time.)

This is Wayne:
He is a hydrocephalic PTSD rescue chihuahua who recently went deaf.  And I love him something awful.

When I was considering the shift from a vegetarian to a vegan diet, I researched all of the health and environmental benefits, and convinced myself that it was a highly responsible way to eat, but I couldn’t stop obsessing over how difficult it would be – I would miss cheese!  How would I get protein? Poor me – my life would be untenable!

Gah.  But I knew something would make me decide one way or another.  Sure enough, I looked at Wayne one day and something akin to the following took place in my head:  “Wow, I’m so thankful that Wayne is my little buddy.  He is so cute and has such a quirky little character.  I love him so much.  I’d love him regardless of what he was (okay, maybe not a cockroach).  I’d love him if he were a cow.  Oh man, if he were a cow he could produce milk for making cheese.  I love cheese.  But Wayne-cow might not want to be forced to produce milk for cheese.  I guess cow-cows may not either.  Dangit.  Same for honeybees and horses with their gelatinous feet.  Aw hell, I need to stop eating all that stuff.”

And so it went.

First Veggie of the Season
02/05/2010, 17:29
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My garden is alive!  My plants are admittedly “spindly,” but I love them nonetheless.  I figure I’m robust enough to make up for all of my children.

I Think I’m Cheating on Duran Duran
02/05/2010, 17:25
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Every so often you discover a sound, an artist, a band … some purveyor of music that does exactly what you need done in your life at that moment.  For the past 26 years of my life, that has been Duran Duran (with an interlude during the squeaking awkward junior high/Catholic school years when it was Poison).  Now I think they might have to share the role with Phoenix, or even relinquish it for a little while.  I wish I could say I was a real badass and saw Phoenix when they came through Austin in 2005, but I was studying for the bar exam at that time and completely unaware of life outside of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and torts and the rule against perpetuities and and and… (I passed!)  So I admit that I didn’t see them live until their huge ACL performance in October 2009, but that sealed it.  It was the best day EVER: 

I don’t feel the need to explain exactly what it is about Phoenix; I imagine I’ll be compelled to babble at length before too long (Christian Mazzalai wears suits that FIT; I’m dying to learn how to do that!  Their guitars remind me of the summers  that *should* be but *aren’t*  in 100 degree cracked Texas…).  For now, suffice it to say that when I hear them I know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  Thanks, y’all!

(There *will* come a day when I write a post that does not mention Phoenix.  Today is not that day.)

On-Line Language Learning is a Deceitful Wench
29/04/2010, 10:23
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I am trying to relearn Russian in the hopes of improving my standing on the Foreign Service Consular Register. No doubt I’ll say more about that later, but for today I am compelled to issue the following warning: BERLITZ ON-LINE LANGUAGE LEARNING CLASSES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MACS. They do not tell you this until after you have given them ungodly painful amounts of money, at which time they say, “You DO have a PC, right?” Bloody hell, people, it’s not like it’s 1987 and I can’t understand why their videocassettes don’t work in my Betamax machine. People own Macs, Berlitz! Pbbbbbblitz on you.

Tonight is the Phoenix concert, so hopefully that will improve my mood…I just want to beseech you, aforementioned hair-rending, sobbing dudes, please be nice to me tonight.  Do not push me, step on my feet, bar the way back to my spot after I’ve left to go to the bathroom, or elbow me in the face in your attempts to get closer to the little Frenchmen on stage.  If you do, I will have no choice but to unleash the wrath of Wayne…

Roger Taylor is Eligible for AARP and I’m Hungry
26/04/2010, 20:15
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Roger Taylor of Duran Duran turned 50 today and I’m indulging in an obscene amount of grapefruit-tarragon sorbet.  I don’t know that these 2 facts are necessarily related, but tucking away and getting lost in music and food are two of my defining elements, so why not blog about them?

I’ve loved Duran Duran for as long as I can remember.  “Nick Rhodes” was the first string of letters I learned to scrawl in my third grade cursive lessons, which didn’t come a moment too soon.  Prior to this, I had revered the members of Duran Duran to such an extent that I dared not speak their names.

Fortunately I’ve spent the past 25 years collecting plenty of things to say about them.

Today the music continues.  Later this week I’m going to see Phoenix at Stubb’s here in Austin.  At their La Zona Rosa gig in December I was almost trampled by a mob of sobbing, hair-rending dudes throwing themselves into Laurent Brancowitz’s line of sight, so I’ve got to plan a strategy this time ’round.  Helmet and brass knuckles?  Or just give up and hide in the back with a martini?

Ach, decisions.

God bless you, Roger!  I’m hungry.