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DIY Kettle Corn
18/05/2010, 11:29
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I’m sure I’m not the first person to have figured this out, but *man* is it devilishly simple to make one’s own kettle corn-type stuff. Vegan too!

1 bag no-butter, low-salt, low-fat, no-fun microwave popcorn
agave nectar
sea salt

Put the popped stuff in a giant bowl, add a few generous squirts of agave nectar and as much  salt as you please, and mix it all up with your fingers (or cover the bowl with something and shake everything up, if you are more civilized than I am).  Next time I’m going to add some red pepper flakes or cayenne.

I didn’t really need to discover another snack I can’t-live-without, but hey…it could be worse, eh?

PS – Thank you, Summer Huggins, for teaching me how to link!

PPS – I promise more photos to liven up this blog in the future.  I’m still trying to get into the groove of this thing, so it is just going to be have to be aesthetically displeasing for a little while.


Why a Vegan Diet?
09/05/2010, 16:01
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I mentioned my dog in a post last week, but he really needs a proper introduction.  (Why not today, eh?  It is Mother’s Day, and this is the closest I’m going to get for a veeery long time.)

This is Wayne:
He is a hydrocephalic PTSD rescue chihuahua who recently went deaf.  And I love him something awful.

When I was considering the shift from a vegetarian to a vegan diet, I researched all of the health and environmental benefits, and convinced myself that it was a highly responsible way to eat, but I couldn’t stop obsessing over how difficult it would be – I would miss cheese!  How would I get protein? Poor me – my life would be untenable!

Gah.  But I knew something would make me decide one way or another.  Sure enough, I looked at Wayne one day and something akin to the following took place in my head:  “Wow, I’m so thankful that Wayne is my little buddy.  He is so cute and has such a quirky little character.  I love him so much.  I’d love him regardless of what he was (okay, maybe not a cockroach).  I’d love him if he were a cow.  Oh man, if he were a cow he could produce milk for making cheese.  I love cheese.  But Wayne-cow might not want to be forced to produce milk for cheese.  I guess cow-cows may not either.  Dangit.  Same for honeybees and horses with their gelatinous feet.  Aw hell, I need to stop eating all that stuff.”

And so it went.